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We offer our BID Members free training opportunities and host conferences which BID Members are free to attend

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We offer free services and resources for BID Members as well as advice and support with saving money


We invest in the local Safe Town Partnership, we run town security patrols and will offer security grant support


We share relevant information and statistics (including town footfall data) and contacts for BID Members


We meet with and speak to key organisations, lobby and represent BID Member views to them


We invest in the local Safe Town Partnership, we run town security patrols and will offer security grant support


Training & Conferences


Free Online Training Partner

Our members receive FREE training provided by SEEDL with over 200 courses available to choose from including Microsoft 365, Health and Safety, Mindfulness, Customer Service and Leadership.

BID Member employees can sign up to as many courses, as many times as they wish, taking the courses at time of their choosing to support their development.

Free Learning Opportunities

We regularly canvass our members to ensure we deliver relevant conferences and training through our BID school. Courses to date have included free First Aid, Food Safety, Fire Marshal and Social Media Marketing.


Bringing Expertise To Our
BID Members

In 2023, we launched our inaugural BID conference, focusing on the impact Artificial Intelliigence will have on our business community. We brought in key speakers who are specialists in their field and over 60 members enjoyed a half-day of learning and asking questions of the panel. Following its success, we will look to provide two free conferences each year to BID members,

Other training providers

New Skills & Specialist Training

There are a number of other organisations in RTW offering training which BID members can also benefit from, like the West Kent Business Partnership (funded by Government).

Saving You Money

Business Security

Safe Town Partnership & Radio System

Supporting business security

The Safe Town Partnership provides businesses with access to a town wide radio network which includes the town CCTV unit and can help them keep informed about town security issues. From 1st April BID members will automatically benefit froma  20% discount on their radio invoices.

It also provides access to security information sharing and advice from the partnership which will be extended to all BID members free of charge from 1st April.

Security Patrols

Detering crime and antisocial behaviour

In conjunction with Safe Town and TWBC, RTW Together has engaged professional security firms to run regular patrols across the town to deter crime and engage positively with youngsters who have caused issues with businesses. Businesses can call them for support when on patrol.

Security Equipment Grants

Developing your systems

In addition to investing in the town wide CCTV system, the more CCTV there is across individual business units the more crime will be deterred so RTW Together will provide advice, support and small grants to organisations looking to develop their venue systems.

Police Engagement

Maximising the benefit for businesses

RTW Together engages with the police to help represent their interests including working with TWBC and MP – Greg Clark to lobby for more resources for the town centre however also to provide a conduit for advice, engagement and support e.g. running free training on what rights businesses have when dealing with antisocial behaviour.

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Information, Data & Contacts

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Representing Businesses

Local Council

Tunbridge Wells
Borough Council

We meet monthly with the TWBC Chief Exec and bi-monthly with its Leader as well as regularly with other officers including planning, parks, economic development and culture.


We work constructively to influence their strategy in the interests of the business community e.g. with the 2040 Town Plan, licensing and planning as well as collaborate on joint projects such as street scene investment.

County Council & Government

Kent County Council
and our Local MP

RTW Together meets with our MP Greg Clark one-to-one bi-monthly to raise issues and awareness with him of any local business interests. He has raised issues in parliament which have had crucial impact on local business e.g. during Covid and our voice can influence this important voice.

By speaking together, we are also able to communicate more strongly with KCC on key issues such as transport and road infrastructure.

Utility Companies

Water supply, water waste and others

Businesses have raised issues with larger companies as a result of water cuts impacting their ability to trade and flooding when water drainage proves insufficient for need.

The BID representing hundreds of voices is well placed to influence behaviour and research potential refunds/claims which individual businesses may find it difficult to find the time for.

Local Landowners

RVP, Pantiles and
Camden Road

RTW Together invests time in speaking to key local stakeholders to try and support their objectives as BID members themselves as well as look to connect their visions into a wider one for the town that benefits the wider business community.

Recruitment & Networking

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