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We run a variety of campaigns aimed at bringing tourists and visitors to the town

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Our TW Works campaign promotes RTW as a destination for employment and inward investment

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We run a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging our local residents to support their local businesses


We run events and trails to bring people into and across the town

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We work closely in partnership and collaboration with the tourist information body for the town


We offer grants and support to festivals, events and cultural organisations that bring people into the town

Discover Royal Tunbridge Wells

Research from Visit Kent identified that visitors to Royal Tunbridge Wells consisted of friends and family of residents, local tourists from the rest of our county and neighbouring counties, as well as national and  overseas tourists.
In 2023 RTWT ran a successful campaign across multiple mediums encouraging people to visit the town - to either discover or rediscover RTW and its four key appeals; hospitality, heritage, culture and shopping.

Over 25 million people were reached via the Discover Royal Tunbridge Wells Campaign via:

  • 19.5m London Rail Poster Campaign

  • 4.5m Heart and Smooth FM Radio

  • 500,000 Digital radio

  • 500,000 bus wraps in East Kent and East Sussex

  • 50,000 PR reach

  • 250,000 overseas tourists targeted – USA and Europe

  • 35,000 tour operators and coach tours in targeted advertising campaign for groups

During the second term of the BID we will continue to deliver similar campaigns aimed at bringing tourists for trips and stays in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Support Local

One of RTWT's core values is ensuring there is genuine support for our local businesses from residents and tourists alike. Our campaigns have focused on promoting the full breadth of our local retail, hospitality and professional services through local features and press articles, an active social media presence of over 11,000 followers with 3 million impressions to date, distribution of over 221,000 RTW Guides and magazines, 217,000 Christmas Gift Guides, 12,000 hand-illustrated Town maps and five Visitor Trails.


Over the next five years, we aim to add to this with business leaflet distribution stations for our members as well as digital screens to provide community updates, event  information and awareness of services in the town.

Visit Tunbridge Wells

Visit Tunbridge Wells is the acting Destination Management Organisation for the Borough led by the Economic Development Team at TWBC. The team promote Royal Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area as a visitor destination via the website, on social media and collaborating with Visit Kent, RTW Together and partners on campaigns. They also aim to support tourism and hospitality businesses by supplying information and the latest research from Visit Kent as well as help build contacts with the Travel Trade industry.

We at RTW Together want to work with and support Visit TW and their mission to promote the town.

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TW Works

TW Works is an RTW Together led campaign to support the following 4 goals:-

  1. Encourage potential employees to consider working in RTW

  2. Encourage corporate firms to base offices in RTW

  3. Encourage developers to build in RTW

  4. Encourage residents to utilise co-working spaces in RTW

RTW Together Events

As part of the mission of promoting Royal Tunbridge Wells adds to the cultural program of the town by investing in running events with the aim of bringing people to the town. Not only will visitors spend money during their visit but be reminded of the vibrancy and strength of what the town has to offer and in turn come back subsequently.


Our events are often designed to connect the town together through trails that move people across the town, highlighting the diversity of what is available and raising the different quarters of the town. 2023 saw our key event being focussed on the Coronation, 2024 in addition to running another Christmas launch for the town and family friendly trails, will focus on a large event for the Subuteo World Cup in September. Furthermore last Christmas saw RTW Together sponsor the Ferris Wheel and help bring it to Calverley Grounds, this year we will help bring an exciting Lego exhibition to the town by sponsoring a program run by the Amelia.

Event Grants & Support

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2024/25 Event Grants

To ensure the town is able to benefit from the many festivals and exciting events that bring people to the town, RTW Together will continue to offer a sizeable event grant pot.


These grants are awarded subject to a competitive and objective application process with priority given to projects that support business member objectives e.g. bring more people to the town who will spend and engage with local businesses.

The funding award is now closed for 2024 and awards are being made fpllowing a high number of positive applications.

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Event & Attraction Support

In addition to grants RTW Together supports events and attractions by offering out use of our resources.


The resources which we buy once and then share with BID members and cultural providers help save them money and make the cultural offer of the town more sustainable.


Recent examples include offering Gazebos to the Fringe and Local & Live Festivals as well as a Snow Machine for Trinity's Christmas show. 

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2024/25 Attraction Grants

To support the cultural economy which is so vital for creating an exciting environment for visitors and residents that then spend money in the town across venues RTW Together offer out grants to cultural venues.

These are designed to enhance their facilities and thereby become more sustainable and continue their missions e.g. a grant was offered to the Spa Valley for a coffee machine creating a new income source.

The 2024 funding round is currently open with a 1st August deadline. We welcome applications and encourage interested parties to get in touch.

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Previous Grants

Over the last 5 years RTW Together has given out over £180k in grants and sponsorship to allow events costing many, many times that take place creating a dynamic cultural calendar across the town and collectively bringing many tens of thousands to the town.

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