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Grosvenor Road barbers Denny’s Place have been able to raise an incredible £8,000 for Pickering Cancer Centre in part thanks to a grant from RTW Together. In memory of Denny Rowe, the Denny’s Fest event, supported by the BID, combines live music, hair cuts, BBQ and tattoos to create a fun community atmosphere while generating donations for this good cause.

Owner Storm told RTWT, ‘The funding gave us a lot more scope to prepare and improve the event. With your help this year, we managed to build an entire stage with a DJ booth, and added decorations to add to the festival vibe. When people came along they knew we’d really gone to town this time and it was a real event!’

Aron of Fourteen Arrows Tattoo Studio added ‘It’s allowed the infrastructure to become a lot better, every year we wonder how we will make it work, it’s always off our own backs with funding and labour – what we’ve been able to do with the extra funding is put a system in place where we can set the festival up again tomorrow – not that we will, we’re still recovering!”

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