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The RTW Together Business Improvement District is offering a free one hour self defence class for those who work within the town centre, the area which the BID represents.

BID Director for RTW Together, Sarah-Jane Adams, explains “With the darker nights and mornings, many of us are thinking about getting to work or home safely, and after recent high profile events, personal security is a very current and real consideration. We felt it was important to offer a free self defence class and personal alarm to the workers who are employed within our town centre, to give more people confidence as they come and go from work. We’re lucky that Tunbridge Wells is a relatively safe town, and ideally, we’re hoping to provide the women and men who come along with skills that they will never have to use!”

Instructed by Heather Jordan of Surge Self Defence, the session covers topics and physical elements such as being grabbed from behind and evading the hold, being grabbed by the wrist, escaping a chokehold, knife defence, mugging, being followed, bag defence – how what we carry can be used as a defensive weapon and the legality of self defence – the law regarding defending oneself and what we can / cannot do. Participants also receive a free personal alarm, a worksheet of moves, and a code to access a safety app.

For details of the next free self defence sessions for town centre staff, visit

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